Xango Mangosteen Fruit Juice Dietary Supplement Information

Launched in November 2002, Xango LLC (not Zango, as some spell it) is the first company to research, develop, formulate and market a Mangosteen juice dietary supplement. Xango LLC claims that it leads the industry in the science and application of Xanthones, the natural chemical compounds found in Mangosteen.

The Xango Mangosteen juice product is a natural health beverage based on a fruit that has more science to back up its health benefit claims than many other prescribed and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs.

Xango Quality Production Process

While other companies simply extract or reconstitute a juice, Xango backs its formulation with real and solid science and a patented, quality-based manufacturing process.

Xango's patented Mangosteen juice product development process is designed to deliver the purest, freshest and highest-quality Mangosteen juice product possible.

Every step in the production process is completed with quality-controlled precision:

  • The company uses only organically-grown, presticide- and herbicide-free Mangosteen. It has exclusive relationships with harvesters that enables it to maintain high standards in the way the fruit is grown, harvested and handled.

  • The fruits are harvested at the right time when Xanthone content is at its peak. They are then flash-frozen to lock in their essential, beneficial qualities.

  • More than 200 quality assurance tests are performed throughout the production process, from the time the fruit is harvested to the time the product is bottled.

  • The juice is produced in ISO 9001-certified facilities, making sure that manufacturing operations comply with the highest standards in safety, quality, processes and manufacturing.

Its strategic partnership with Wild Flavors, Inc. --- a billion-dollar giant in the functional health beverage industry --- provides Xango the full research and formulation power of Wild Flavors.

Wild Flavors, Inc: The Billion-Dollar Global Partner

XanGo has a strategic partnership with Wild Flavors, Inc., a billion-dollar, ISO 9001-certified manufacturing company with 14 manufacturing facilities in 12 countries and satellite offices in more than 60 countries around the world.

Founded in Germany in 1931, Wild is the world's largest manufacturer of functional health beverages, with more than 100 scientists and 2,000 employees spread across the globe, and more than $1 billion in annual revenues.

Wild's worldwide production and distribution resources match XanGo's explosive growth to a tee, and give the company important access to powerful R&D, international sourcing and manufacturing capabilities.

Wild Flavors' Three International Quality Certifications

Wild Flavors belongs to an elite group of manufacturing companies with a common denominator - top-notch quality. It has a reputation for operating the cleanest, most quality-control conscious facilities anywhere, and has the following three quality certifications:

1. ISO 9001: The most recognized audit certification in the world. The ISO requires that all company policies and procedures are documented. Companies obtaining the ISO seal of approval must pass periodic audits conducted by ISO. In these audits, Wild Flavors achieved nearly perfect scores.

2. NFPA: The quality standard established by the major food producers in the U.S. The NFPA Certification requires a 3-day audit with a pass or fail evaluation. Wild Flavors passed every audit, and Wild Flavors achieved "Outstanding" rating and is the only company to receive this certification.

3. AIB: A perfect score is 1,000. Wild Flavors audit score is consistently between 960 and 980 and has never achieved less than a Superior rating. There are only five companies in the world that have been awarded all three certifications. And Wild Flavors is the only company in the U.S. that has been awarded all 3 certifications.

Very Vital Statistics

Headquartered in Utah, Xango is expanding rapidly worldwide and now has operations in the continental U.S., Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago and the United Kingdom.

The company has achieved outstanding success and continues to set records that are unmatched in the network marketing industry.

Here are some more Xango statistics:

  • It is a category-creator and first to market with a unique, natural product.

  • It is the only company ever to create 7 million-dollar+ earners in its first 14 months.

  • It grew a whopping 250% in its second year in operation - 30% more than any other company in the industry's history over the same period of time.

  • The company broke ALL network marketing industry records with $40+ million in first-year sales and $150+ million in 2nd-year sales.

  • It is on track to generate $1 billion in sales in its 5th year of operations.

  • According to the Direct Selling Association, XanGo's Compensation Plan provides a 28% better payout than the industry average.The company uses a global compensation plan that pays commissions seamlessly across international borders.

  • It offers a 30-day, unconditional, empty-bottle, money-back guarantee. It's a phone call away, and there's no need to ship back any unused product or empty bottles (up to 2 cases)!

  • A wide variety of effective and proven marketing systems and tools are available to distributors to build their Xango Mangosteen juice business.

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