Mangosteen Testimonials: : Melanoma Cancer, Hypoglycemia, Migraines, Gout

The many health benefits Mangosteen provides have helped so many people that testimonials from individuals who have experienced these benefits appear almost every day.

Are these Mangosteen benefits just too good to be true?

Well, here are personal testimonials from those who have been helped by the natural compounds in Mangosteen. These personal experiences hopefully will encourage and inspire you to take the next step to better health.

Melanoma Cancer - Stage 4

"... In summer of 2002, Scott had been diagnosed with stage 4-melanoma cancer.

"It had spread to his Lymph nodes, which the doctors surgically removed, and seemed to be getting worse. The doctors told Scott they did not know if he would make it or not, and melanoma is the most aggressive cancer and can spread very rapidly.

"Last summer he underwent aggressive therapy. This therapy had made him very sick (it was actually killing him).

"He decided to go another route and choose interferon (self injected). He did that for several months but had a test in November 2003 and still had the cancer.

"In December Ann and I found out that mangosteen had been used by a Doctor in Phoenix on hundreds of patients to help relieve the effects of traditional medicine (chemo, interferon, etc.) with great success.

"Not only were the effects of the chemo and interferon relieved but also many patients were becoming cancer free. We told Scott about this and he began drinking mangosteen juice in December reluctantly.

"Ann met with Dr. Templeman who lectured on the benefits of the mangosteen fruit one day at a conference we attended in San Diego.

"After the lecture Ann met with him and he told Ann that "Stage 4 melanoma was a particularly bad cancer and if he were Scott he would be taking mangosteen juice and other supplements to help the body rid itself of this cancer".

"Of course we came back and suggested to Scott to be more agg ressive with the mangosteen, stop smoking, and begin an exercise program.

"In January Scott began drinking 1 bottle of mangosteen a week or more. He stopped the interferon treatments.

"Scott had a PET scan on Thursday March 18th 2004, and Ann and Scott met with the doctor on Friday for the results. The results were: Scott is cancer free! When the Doctor asked Scott what he attributed this to, Scott remarked "Mangosteen"! - Ann and Gregglet

Mental Clarity, Energy, Hypoglycemia

"I am a news anchorman at a CBS TV affiliate in [city, state]. In late July, 2004, I learned of and began drinking Mangosteen juice. I noticed an increase in energy and an overall feeling of well-being within just a few hours of drinking my first two ounces of Mangosteen juice.

"Now, when I get up in the morning, I feel refreshed and wide awake all day long. I love the way I feel now that I have drinking this miracle juice drink. I drink only two ounces when I first wake up, and two when I get home from work after the 10pm News.

"I used to feel quite sluggish for at least a couple of hours after waking. This sluggish feeling had been going on for a number of years as I got older. However, that changed for me the very first week that I started drinking Mangosteen juice. I now feel wide awake and well rested all day long, even if I only sleep for only a few hours.

"Another benefit I have experienced is a heightened clarity in my thinking. This has really enhanced by performance in all areas. I can work faster and don't feel stressed the way I used to.

"I can honestly say that Mangosteen juice has made a very positive difference in my quality of life experience. I don't tire or stress out as I used to and I "feel healthier." I just feel good!

"I know that the Mangosteen juice is the reason. I didn't begin feeling this way until after I started drinking Mangosteen juice. Now, I won't be without it. If something makes you feel so only makes sense to keep on drinking it.

"My wife also drinks Mangosteen juice and it has also given her an increase in energy and has kept her hypoglycemia under control. We are sold on this amazing product and won't be without it." - Richardlet

Migraines, Gout

"... I want the whole world to know how deliriously happy I am today. What a way to start the New Year!

"Marci started talking to me about mangosteen during our March planning meeting last year. I know I wasn't a good consumer target then and I apologize for that. My reluctance for the product last year was purely influenced by my doctor's opinion on alternative medicines - that is, natural herbal and chiropractic.

"Doctors are not trained to do alternative medicine and I wish they would include this area in medical curriculums. Besides, I have no scientific knowledge about the fruit and its benefits and I didn't want to go into something I didn't know anything about.

"My daughter Margarita, only 26, has had migraines for years. She's had headaches everyday -mild or strong attacks. Her doctor placed her on three different medications and it did not work. Recently, she was placed on Amytriptillin (an anti-depressant), which the doctor hopes it might work as it sometimes does on other patients.

"Well, it didn't! This condition really concerned me a great deal and has given me sleepless nights.

"As a mother, I cannot bear to think that my own daughter is taking Rx drugs just to survive each day. Notwithstanding the fact that it could be addictive over long-term use. She is a wife, a mother of two children, and a bank employee. My goal was to make her drug free and pain free.

"... I had to understand what "Xanthones" are. I went to the library, the Internet and had my doctor explain it further (he happens to specialize in microbiology).

"... I was very skeptical even if I was aware of the fruit being used in the Philippines in folk medicine. What the heck! I ordered the juice and gave it to my daughter. She took 2 oz. before meals morning and night as you said.

"Today is her 13th day of taking it and she has had only 1 mild headache, which went away after taking the juice when she felt it was coming (cross my fingers) - as opposed to having it everyday. That's right, everyday!

"This stuff is unbelievable!

"Having talked to her doctor, Margarita is off of her Amytriptillin and is on "as needed" category for one month.

"I realized it is a fruit juice. Its not drugs! While the doctors, FDA and the Pharmaceuticals makes us "guinea pigs" - its time to wise up. I figured, I think I should try it myself.

"As you know I have gout, but this condition has a "coat-tail" for me like high LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol), high blood pressure and thyroid problem. I am on maintenance medication (Atenelol, levoxyl, allopurinol and Norvasc) for two years or so. Interestingly enough, the side effects I have been feeling from taking all these drugs appeared to me as a "norm".

"Before the holidays, I had a flare-up and my recent blood test showed my liver was insulin resistant. Been on medication for a month or so for this flare-up and I still have pain in my toe joint. It comes and go and never really gone.

So, I tried [the Mangosteen juice] out of curiosity. On the 6th day that I have been taking it, the swelling was gone and I was already pain free!

"This is an amazing product, I thought. Proof to it was that I was already dancing like anything at Seven Feathers Casino Resort for our New Years Party. I felt my energy is back and I am back to normal "me". I am scheduled for lab work first week of February. I shall see then how it goes.

"Clearly, it has given me and my daughter good results and I am smart enough to maintain my "low purine diet" and 20-minute exercise everyday.

"Ruth, Charles, and Marci, I will forever be grateful to you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! - Cy

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