Mangosteen Juices: Is Xango Good Enough?

Most Mangosteen juice dietary supplements are made from the whole fruit puree of Mangosteen. In addition to this primary ingredient, these liquid products contain minimal amounts of other fruit juices to further enhance their health-giving properties and improve their taste.

Producers of Mangosteen juice dietary supplements claim that their products provide all the Xanthones that benefit the body in many ways. These Xanthones are the potent natural chemical compounds in great abundance in Mangosteen.

Because of Mangosteen's much-researched medicinal properties, medical practitioners in fact use Mangosteen extract products with their patients and claim to see amazing results on a variety of health issues.

One of these Mangosteen juice products is XanGo.

XanGo Production Process

XanGo's product literature states that it goes to great lengths to ensure both quality and consistency in its product.

The patented Xango Mangosteen juice product development process is supposedly designed to deliver the purest, freshest and highest-quality Mangosteen juice possible.

Every step in the XanGo production process, the literature says, is completed with quality-controlled precision:

  • Xango uses only organically-grown, presticide- and herbicide-free Mangosteen. It has exclusive relationships with harvesters that enables it to maintain high standards in the way Mangosteen is grown, harvested and handled.

  • The Mangosteen fruits are harvested at the right time when Xanthone content is at its peak. They are then flash-frozen to lock in their essential, beneficial qualities.

  • More than 200 quality assurance tests are performed throughout the Xango production process, from the time the Mangosteen fruit is harvested to the time the product is bottled.

  • The Xango Mangosteen juice is produced in ISO 9001-certified facilities, making sure that manufacturing operations comply with the highest standards in safety, quality, processes and manufacturing.

Xango's strategic partnership with Wild Flavors, Inc., a billion-dollar giant in the functional health beverage industry, does provide Xango the full research and formulation power of Wild Flavors.

It also claims that other companies can make Mangosteen fruit juices, but only Xango makes it right.

A Question of Quality

You can compare XanGo with other Mangosteen products on the market by finding out about the following:

  • Where their Mangosteen fruits come from, if they use only organically-grown, pesticide- and herbicide-free Mangosteen, and where their product is formulated and produced

  • If their manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001-certified, and what manufacturing standards they have

  • If their product includes the WHOLE fruit puree of the Mangosteen, and if Mangosteen is the primary ingredient in their product

  • If the Xanthone content in their product is consistent from bottle to bottle, if they really know the Xanthone content of their product, and how many distinct Xanthones are found in their product

  • If they have done Xanthone research at all

ORAC Values in Mangosteen Fruit Juices

ORAC is a measurement of a food's antioxidant value. Mangosteen has been found to register higher on the ORAC scale than any common food or juice.

Some competitors claim superiority over XanGo because of their higher ORAC values. However, some Mangosteen juice experts who have done extensive research on the Mangosteen say that, in general, the posted website ORAC claims published on the Internet may be suspect.

Our body can only work with up to 9,000 ORACs per day. Three ounces of Mangosteen juice per day makes a huge contribution to one's daily intake of antioxidants.

There is still debate whether or not it makes a lot of difference if a product has higher ORAC values than others? Xango Mangosteen juice proponents say that it's not difficult to create a juice higher in ORAC value. Just put a few ounces of pure Clove Oil, they say, and the ORAC value rises to incredible levels.

They argue that the real power and value of the Mangosteen are the amazing health benefits of the abundant Xanthones it contains.

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