Mangosteen and Health: Fibromyalgia

Is fibromyalgia real? Can Mangosteen improve the health and well-being of those who suffer from this debilitating chronic syndrome?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by diffuse pain, fatigue, and a wide range of other symptoms.

It affects more women than men, with a global ratio of 3-5:1. It is seen in 3% to 10% of the general population, and is mostly found among those between the ages 20 and 50.

Fibromyalgia, Pain and Mangosteen

Various studies on pain in this disease suggested that the brain of those afflicted with fibromyalgia may be somehow supersensitive. This may explain why patients feel pain in response to stimuli that normally are not thought of or perceived to be painful.

Doctors have used Mangosteen in fibromyalgia patients with positive results. Their experience showed that progress may be slow, sometimes taking months, but steady.

One of the benefits patients may experience early is a boost in energy levels, the lack of which also appears to be a common symptom among fibromyalgia sufferrers.

What Really Is It?

Fibromyalgia has been studied since the early 1800s, but to the present still is not well understood and its cause unknown.

This disease was once termed an autoimmune disorder, but laboratory results did not reveal any disturbance in the immune system.

It also was once classified as a psychosomatic disorder, but few specialists currently would classify it so. Other theories on the cause of fibromyalgia have been presented.

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Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

The primary symptom of fibromyalgia is widespread, diffuse pain, and often includes heightened sensitivity of the skin (that may sometimes make even the touch of clothing painful), achiness around joints, and nerve pain.

Other symptoms often attributed to fibromyalgia include physical fatigue and lack of energy, irritable bowel syndrome, genitourinary symptoms, dermatological disorders, and headaches.

While it's common in people with this disease for pain to be widespread, the pain may also be localized in various parts of the body such as the shoulders, neck, back, or hips.

It can start as a result of some trauma or illness, but there is no strong correlation between any specific type of trigger and the subsequent onset of fibromyalgia.

Symptoms can have a slow onset, and many patients have mild symptoms beginning in childhood. Symptoms are often aggravated by unrelated illness or even changes in the weather.

They can become more tolerable or less tolerable throughout daily or yearly cycles. However, many people with this disease find that it prevents them from performing normal activities such as driving a car or walking upstairs.

The syndrome does not cause inflammation as is the case with arthritis, and there are no diagnostically abnormal laboratory findings. Symptoms may be present periodically or may be continual.

Help With Pain

Mangosteen helps with pain. As one health practitioner reports, in some cases, patients have stopped all their medications as a result of Mangosteen's benefits.(1) Depression may also be improved because of the relief from pain.

Although progress is slow, and in some cases improvement may be minimal, most who try Mangosteen's help with fibromyalgia benefited.

As Dr. J. Frederic Templeman wrote, "most rated the benefit level as high, in fact, surpassing all medications used except high-dose pain medications, when pain was the symptom evaluated."(1)

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