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Mangosteen Testimonials: Aneurysm, Breast Cancer, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure

There are hundreds of personal testimonials about the health benefits Mangosteen provided individuals from all walks of life, who have experienced the power of Xanthones and other natural compounds in Mangosteen.

Are these mind-boggling health benefits from Mangosteen too good to be true?

The following are testimonials from those who have been helped by Mangosteen. We certainly hope that these will help you take the much-needed steps to even better health.

Brain Aneurysm

"A quick testimony about my 55-year-old cousin, Craig. In June 2003, Craig suffered a brain aneurysm while driving. It really wasn't expected he would make it, especially when he also suffered a stroke about a week later.

"Well, he recovered physically, but his memory was pretty messed up, both long term and short term. (As an example... in a 15 minute phone conversation, I had the same conversation with him 3 times. Not to mention, he thought I lived in Ohio - a cousin of ours lives there.)

"He and his wife have never been into health & nutrition, but about 5 months ago I got her to agree to give him an ounce of Mangosteen juice 3 times a day.

"A month later, I called and Karen was so excited in the change in Craig over the last month. He would talk about things that happened earlier in the day or the day before. And, when I talked to him, it was a completely normal conversation. No repetition. He knew where I lived. And, he even asked how our dogs where by name! Very exciting." - Debby

Breast Cancer

"... I was in my second round of chemo for breast cancer when I first started drinking mangosteen juice. I only drank the minimum dose of 2 oz. a day because I asked my oncologist about taking it during chemo.

"He said antioxidants should not be taken in large doses because it could make the chemo ineffective, but he also said I could get my antioxidants naturally by just eating the right foods. That is why I only drank 2 oz a day until I finished chemo.

"Then, I started drinking 6 oz. a day and I really recovered fast from the chemo. Also, I never got a cold or flu during chemo and am still in great health now 4 months post-chemo and radiation. Plus, I smile all the time now, and I call it my "happy juice!" - Eve

Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, GERD, Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis, Peripheral Neuropathy

[This is from my mother. I am so blessed that this juice has changed her health!]

"I am 71 years of age and have many health issues - high cholesterol, high blood pressure, GERD (acid reflux), degenerative disc disease, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, pacemaker (AV heart block) and peripheral neuropathy. I am not a diabetic.

"At my last physical in August my doctor ordered an additional cholesterol medication. I did have it filled but have not started taking it. My desire for months has been to delete the Lipitor, not add another one!

"My 34 year old daughter, Kris, was getting pretty excited about a Mangosteen juice she had been taking for a few weeks. She literally bounces in and out of our house and has energy I long for.

"Her concern for my health caused my husband and me to attend a very informative [mangosteen juice] meeting. I started with a bottle the next day drinking 2oz. 3 times a day.

"The third day I felt bad, achy and tired. I remembered what I had heard at the meeting and had read. I realized my body was getting rid of toxins, so I continued with the juice. Symptoms were gone the next day.

"The next several days I noticed some great changes - peaceful rested sleep, nighttime post nasal drainage stopped relieving the need for continuous swallowing, and renewed energy. When I vacuumed my entire house, I did not have a bad back ache! I stopped taking Tylenol PM totally. I stopped taking Colace 2xs/day totally.

"I had surgery on hammer toes (each foot) involving bones, pins and sutures in mid–September. I healed beautifully with no swelling or bruising and no pain. My doctor was amazed and very pleased.

"After walking on my heels for two weeks, I had no back pain. My chiropractor is amazed at how well I am doing and is now looking at [mangosteen juice] too. I am now drinking one ounce three times per day and anticipating more good results.


12/5/04 Update: In November, my Mom had multiple tests run at Mayo Clinic. Her blood pressure has come down into normal range. Her cholesterol has dropped from 217 to 191, including a drop of 90 points in her triglycerides. Her bone density has improved since her previous test in 2002.

Her doctor's report reads:

"Since your previous analysis dated August 28, 2002, you actually have an increase in your bone density of 7.6% in the spine and of 2.6% in the hip. This is very good news, as at your age we typically mainly see stability or decrease in the bones and rarely see actual increases in the bone density…

At this time, I would not start the liquid Fosamax therapy as it does seem like your bones have improved…We do not need to add any more medications at this time." - Kris

Cholesterol, Neck Pain, Headaches

"I have been been taking Zocor, a cholesterol lowering drug, for well over 10 years. My cholesterol levels have been in the 235-250 range. Both of my parents also had high cholesterol levels.

"After being on Mangosteen juice for the past several months, the effects have now apparently kicked in, because my latest blood test came in this week at 194!! That's a 50 point drop from my last test, at a level of 244.

"The only thing different that I have done in my daily intake is to introduce Mangosteen juice into my daily diet (I take 4oz, 2x a day on a regular basis.) I have taken this amount of Mangosteen to help handle the pain and headaches following neck surgery in which 3 vertebrae in my neck were fused, 3 disintegrated discs were replaced with bone from my hip, and the 3 fused vertebrae were secured with a titanium plate and 4 screws.

"The Mangosteen has done a better job of handling my neck pain and headaches than the prescription and over the counter drugs that were prescribed. Prior to my pain relief experience, I had been very skeptical of what mangosteen might do for my pain, and that is a big understatement.

"This latest result of having a 50 point drop (from 244 to 194) in my cholesterol level has made me a big believer." - Yvonne

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